Our Approach

4 Easy Steps Starting With A Comprehensive Home Energy Audit

With energy upgrades typically completed in 2-3 days, our whole-house approach is based on advanced diagnostics.

This holistic method allows GreenHomes to go beyond the usual symptomatic spot repairs and quick fixes that don't really solve your problems. Our advanced testing measures the dynamics of air flow and moisture, and how household equipment interacts with each other and with a home's construction. GreenHomes home improvement solutions treat a house as a completely integrated system instead of just four walls and a roof stuffed with appliances.

Step 1: Receive A Home Energy Audit

Our advisors are highly trained in all home components and understand the intricate principles of building science. When you call GreenHomes, a certified advisor shows up, armed with the latest home performance technology and diagnostic tools, including a blower door, infrared camera, smoke wand, and more. These tools...learn more

Step 2: Review Energy Audit Results

After fully assessing your home, your advisor will provide options and costs for a customized solution or energy road map, as well as predicted energy savings and guarantees. They will then assist you in selecting the energy improvements that will be the best investments for your home and family...learn more

Step 3: Make Energy-Saving Improvements

Once a course of action is selected, an experienced GreenHomes installation crew performs the entire scope of work that often includes heating and cooling systems, duct work, air sealing and insulation, replacement windows and doors, and indoor air quality procedures...learn more

Step 4: Enjoy Lower Utility Bills And More!

You will experience immediate results including:

  • A safe, comfortable, and draft-free home
  • Enhanced indoor air quality to protect your family's health
  • Guaranteed energy savings
  • Increased energy efficiency and environmental protection
  • Improved home durability and reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased resale value...learn more

Why get an energy audit?

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