Management Team

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At GreenHomes America our highest values are excellence, teamwork, honesty, sustainability and customer service.

Bert Kendall

Chief Operating Officer 

Mr. Kendall has served as chief operating officer of Linc Network, LLC since January 2007 - and more recently, GreenHomes America, LP.  For over 25 years, he has fashioned a career from working in the HVAC industry in various capacities.  Mr. Kendall's long-time connection to Linc began in 1985 when his employer at the time - a Wichita, Kansas-based mechanical contractor - purchased a franchise location.  Three years later, after a successful stint as selling general manager of the company's Linc Services division, he relocated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to join The Linc Corporation - now Linc Network, LLC.

For nearly three decades, Mr. Kendall has held a variety of key titles within the organization, including:  director of business systems, vice president of technology development & support, and senior vice president.  Now, as chief operating officer of both Linc Network and GreenHomes America, he oversees their day-to-day operations by working closely with our executive management team, 150+ Linc Service Contractors, the Linc Advisory Council, and the staff and Principals of the GreenHomes America network.  He manages a successful business that delivers timely solutions that differentiate, and positively impact, members of both network organizations

Having worked on both ends of the business equation - the franchisor and the franchisee - Mr. Kendall has gained a unique perspective on the development of products and processes that maximize the value proposition for network members and their customers.  He is a graduate of Wichita State University.

Kelli Daley

Vice President of Franchise Support

Ms. Daley joined Linc Network, LLC in 1997.  In 2011, she was named VP of Franchise Support; prior to that, she served as Director, Education and Support, Business Systems Manager, and Application Specialist. Her current responsibilities include developing and coordinating franchise support for all functional areas of Linc Network, and her role has been expanded to provide the same level of support to the growing GreenHomes America business unit.

In addition, Ms. Daley continues to manage the acclaimed business systems support and training group, which develops, tests, and provides assistance for all franchisee software tools.  She also oversees the Learning Centers in Canonsburg, Syracuse and Irvine, as well as the training sessions that take place at both.  Ms. Daley is a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Dave Abrey

Director of Quality Assurance 

Dave Abrey assists with the development of diagnostic procedures and installation best practices for 1 to 4 family homes and multi-family buildings. Mr. Abrey has more than 20 years experience in the energy efficiency industry and currently hold BPI certifications in BA-1, Shell Prior to GreenHomes, he managed quality assurance for NYSERDA's Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program as the Director of Quality Assurance for Conservation Services Group (CSG). Mr. Abrey was also the project manager for the energy retrofit project completed on the Statue of Liberty in New York.