Step 2: Review Home Energy Audit Report

Review Home Energy Audit Report

Identify areas of concern and prioritize which upgrades will drive the greatest savings and comfort!
Home Energy Audit Consultation

After fully assessing your home, your advisor will provide options and costs for a customized solution or energy road map, as well as predicted energy savings and guarantees. They will then assist you in selecting the energy improvements that will be the best investments for your home and family.

Most often, customers choose to have the GreenHomes' Thermal Wrap applied. This consists of scientifically sealing air infiltration points in the home and super insulating the walls and attic spaces. A thermal barrier is created around the home that is analogous to a person wearing a thick, wool sweater with a wind breaker in the winter time.

Step 3: Make Energy-Saving Improvements

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Why get an energy audit?

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