Pipe Works: In the GHA Spotlight

Pipe Works: In the GHA Spotlight

Pipe Works Services is Northern New Jersey’s most trusted home services company for resolving homeowner comfort and energy problems. Each day, Pipe Works Services, located in Chatham, NJ, fixes homes that have uncomfortable temperature swings, excessively high utility bills or poorly operating heating/cooling systems. They accomplish this by providing innovative, complete solutions that combine home insulation, air sealing, sewer repair/pipe lining, and professional HVAC installations that result in more comfortable homes with low utility bills year-round.

To best realize this, Pipe Works Services has teamed-up with the GreenHomes America Quality Contractor Network. When asked why he decided to join the GHA Network, owner Paul Giglio, Jr. said, “We found that GreenHomes can help educate consumers as well as help new customers find us that would never have found us any other way. They offer continued training and education and are a useful resource to better our team in these areas.”

Paul feels strongly that GreenHomes America is helping his business spread the word about their many important services including home energy audits, attic insulation, comprehensive air sealing, professional heating and cooling system installations and much more. Many customer issues have been resolved by implementing sound home performance solutions based on building science principles to completely resolve any problems.

Our energy audit will provide you with a detailed plan to improve healthfulness, energy efficiency, and comfort of your home.

Pipe Works Services feels strongly that improving the overall comfort and energy efficiency of your home is their #1 priority and they are extremely proud to be a local business that strives to make a difference in their community. Their experienced, well-trained technicians and installers live and work locally ensuring prompt and dependable service. Pipe Works Services is also an A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau providing exceptional customer service, licensed technicians, and unbeatable products.

When you choose Pipe Works Services, you’ll have the confidence knowing you are part of an elite team that uses industry leading professional solutions to completely resolve your home’s problems such as heating/cooling systems that are operating poorly, comfort issues such as air leaks, insufficient insulation, defective ducts, gas leaks, and fresh air ventilation needs.

Whether a customer is looking for a quality HVAC replacement or would like a comprehensive reduction to their home’s energy bills, Pipe Works Services has the experience, knowledge and professionalism to complete the job with proven results.

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