Plan Your Energy Efficient Appliance Project

Plan Your Energy Efficient Appliance Project Carefully

If you are looking to lower your entire electric bill beyond just evaluating an energy efficient appliance project, GreenHomes recommends getting a quality energy audit. For example, when done properly, an energy audit pinpoints the true sources of energy waste in your home from household appliances such as refrigerators, clothes washers and dishwashers. Additionally, the energy audit provides a roadmap or plan for creating a more comfortable, energy efficient home.

Common Questions about Energy Audits by Homeowners:

Finally, remember, a high-quality home energy audit initiates the first critical step for determining your project for creating a more comfortable home. However, the energy audit by itself doesn’t improve the conditions of the home at all. As a result, only when actually installing the prioritized recommendations will lower your heating cooling costs and make your home feel more comfortable.

Fortunately, the good news is that electric energy efficiency is happening all around us. For example, from LED lighting to high-efficiency appliances, the opportunity to conserve electricity is at our finger tips. We just need to reach out and grab it.