BPI Test Centers

BPI Test Centers

All BPI Test Centers can provide online exams for all certifications (including the HHE and MFBA, which are online only exams)

Abode Energy Management
395 Massachusetts Avenue
Arlington, MA 02474

Field Exams Offered

  • BA
  • ENV
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Abode’s training for BPI certification is a helpful combination of hands-on training plus thoughtful classroom discussion. We will ensure you’re prepared not only for the written and field test but the complexity you’ll face in the field.

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JLC Industries
362 Second Avenue
West Haven, CT 06516

Field Exams Offered

  • BA
  • EA
  • ENV
  • IDL
  • QCI

JLC Industries is a national BPI Test Center. We train across The United States and into Canada. Our curriculum is the basis of our learning. Our students have an easy understanding of what is being taught by the way it is written and presented. With our instructors years of experience in the field,our students will learn the very best way of mastering the Designation that they have signed up for. Don't settle for mediocre when the best training is available for your employees who are representing your business.

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