What is Green Homes America?

What is GreenHomes America?

Every Homeowners Most Trusted Source of Energy Efficiency Information Available… Period.

Simply put, GreenHomes America (GHA) is the most trusted source of unbiased energy efficiency information more homeowners turn to when improving or upgrading their home. The information we gladly provide to homeowners improves the livability of homes and is nationally recognized as being technically accurate, impartial and straightforward.

Whether you are looking to upgrade windows in your home, replace a furnace or add insulation, homeowners have learned to trust GreenHomes America to help them improve the comfort, livability, air quality, safety, durability and energy efficiency of their homes.

You see, at GreenHomes America our passion is to truly improve homes across America. We strive to help homeowners understand the proper steps to successfully accomplish their home improvement projects.

In addition to educating the homeowner, we also provide information about our network of skilled energy contractors who have undergone a stringent GreenHomes America qualification process. This energy contractor network has been screened by GHA to properly assist homeowners with the guidance and support needed to successfully improve the energy efficiency, comfort, health and safety of their homes.

GreenHomes is proud to say that our commitment to improving homes “the right way” has resulted in tens of thousands of homes across America that now save homeowners thousands of dollars in utility costs each year.

So, in our journey to serve the public, we hope you begin by first exploring our website to learn more about our unique home energy improvement process. You will be glad you did!