How To Find a Certified Energy Auditor?

tips to find a certified energy auditor

How To Find a Certified Energy Auditor?

Finding a certified energy auditor is not easy.

Frequently, the expectations between the auditor and homeowner do not match. As a result, the recommendations presented to the homeowner do not address or resolve the homeowner’s concerns.

Why work with a certified energy auditor?

From utility companies to HVAC contractors, many organizations offer simple energy audits. However, a high-quality audit from a certified energy auditor provides a comprehensive and unbiased review of your home. For example, a proper audit pinpoints the sources of high energy consumption in your home. So, an effective energy assessment highlights issues. As a result, audits inspect areas of your home and look for warning signs, such as:

  • air leaks.
  • insufficient insulation.
  • excessive moisture.
  • defective ducts.
  • gas leaks.
  • ventilation.
  • inefficient lighting.
  • low efficiency appliances.

find a certified energy auditor to conduct an energy assessment
Therefore, an effective audit works as a roadmap. Plus, an unbiased audit from a certified organization provides a neutral review of your home. For example, if a person sells nails, everything needs a hammer to fix. Likewise, with many auditors, the results sync with their specific trade.

What questions should I ask an energy auditor?

As the homeowner, it is your responsibility to ask questions and set clear expectations about your energy audit. Most of all, like any contractor that enters your home, conduct some due diligence.

  • Ask questions that demonstrate their knowledge and experience.
  • Ask about the energy auditor's training
  • How much will the audit cost?
  • Will the results be presented in a written report?
  • How will the implementation and installation of the recommendations work?
  • Does the auditor inspect the work once it is performed?

Why work with GreenHomes America?

GreenHomes America knows that finding a qualified and certified energy auditor in your area is not always easy. To help, we established a network of GHA qualified energy auditors. In addition, these certified auditors passed our rigorous verification procedures. Plus, all GreenHomes America certified energy auditors successfully completed our training assurance program. As a result, you can rely on qualified and experienced auditors to make the process easier for you.

Finally, please remember you are under no obligation to use a certified energy auditor from the GreenHomes America network. We provide this network for you as an added benefit for homeowners. Ultimately, it is you, the homeowner, that must determine the right energy auditor for you and your family.

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