5 Home Improvements You Should NEVER DIY


5 Home Improvements You Should NEVER DIY

It seems like anyone today can do anything with the help of a good YouTube tutorial. But before you jump on the DIY bandwagon, there are some projects that you should leave to the pros. 

Electrical Work 

The list of risks from DIY electrical work is extensive. There is electrocution, shocks, code compliance, tripping breakers, and fires, just to name a few. Bottom line? Call a pro. Don’t mess around with the safety of yourself, others, and your property.

Removing and Replacing Insulation

If you are considering upgrading your insulation then you’ll have to remove the old insulation first. If your home was built before 1990, there is a chance that your home has vermiculite insulation. Vermiculite kind of looks like kitty litter and may contain asbestos, and as we all know, asbestos can cause some pretty serious health risks if it gets disturbed and becomes airborne.

This job should be left up to professionals due to the potential health hazards, for one. Also, replacing your insulation is a great time to have your home professionally air sealed as well. Air sealing helps to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home and should always be performed along with any insulation job. Otherwise, you’re only getting part the benefits.

Switching From an Electric Stove to Gas

Gas stoves offer way better cooktop control, durability, and are more energy efficient than their electrical counterparts. But before you grab your toolbelt to make the switch, consider this:

A large percentage of gas accidents occur because of improper installation and connection of gas stoves. Gas is flammable and poor assembly of the piping can cause it to leak out into your home. Use a professional. And always make sure you have CO detectors installed on every floor!


Sometimes a leaky showerhead or faucet can be easily taken care of with pliers, Teflon tape and a little elbow grease. Other times, more extensive plumbing projects can involve way more than a homeowner should handle.

Typically plumbing systems and electrical wiring inside walls are very close together. Mix in a little water with the electricity and you’ve got an electrocution risk along with the danger of some serious flooding.  

HVAC Repairs

You may feel like a pro because you can install a window AC unit…but HVAC system installation and repairs are best left up to the pros. There are often specialized tools and equipment required; something a basic screwdriver can’t handle. Not to mention flammable natural gas, toxic coolant chemicals and carbon monoxide can all pose a health risk if the repairs are not done properly.

If those weren’t reasons enough, DIY repairs can reduce the unit’s useful life and even void warranties. Better call a pro! Not only are they trained to work on this specialty equipment, most companies can set up a recurring service and maintenance plan which means less unexpected breakdowns and problems.


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