Learn About Energy Efficient Appliance Solutions

Learn How to Reduce Your Electric Bills with Energy Efficient Appliance Solutions

The frustrating part of trying to lower your electric bill is the simple fact that we depend on electricity for so many things in our day to day lives. For example, just think for a moment how many things are plugged in to our electric outlets. Additionally, how many other devices are directly wired into our home’s electric panel? From space heaters to air conditioners to lighting to appliances to TV’s to phone chargers to hair dryers to computers. The list is endless.

Tip to Find Energy Efficient Appliances

For guidance selecting energy efficient appliances, GreenHomes suggest you favorite the ENERGY Star website and use it often. The following is a list of major household appliances included on ENERGY Star’s website and some suggestions for selecting energy efficient appliances to help you save money on your electric bill each month:


Upgrading to a newer, energy efficient refrigerator will use about half as much electricity as your old one. That means the energy efficient refrigerator will cost half as much to operate and still keep your food and beverages cold. Just be sure that you recycle the older refrigerator and don’t move it to the basement or garage. If you continue to use the old refrigerator and the new one, your electric bill will go up instead of down.


Like refrigerators, improvements in insulation, gaskets and compressors make new freezers much more efficient that older models. To save money on your electric bill, select a new, energy efficient freezer and recycle the old one. Once again, if you continue to use the old freezer and the new one, your electric bill will go up instead of down.


Newer, energy efficient dishwashers have more efficient jets that use less energy and less water when cleaning your dishes.

Clothes Dryers

Newer, energy efficient clothes dryers use about 20 percent less energy by utilizing better sensors and smarter technology.

Clothes Washers

Newer, energy efficient clothes washers use about 1/4 less energy and about ½ less water than older washers.


Newer, energy efficient dehumidifiers have more efficient coils, fans and compressors. They remove the same amount of water in the air but consume nearly 1/3 less electricity than older models.

Room Air Purifiers

Newer, energy efficient room air purifiers use only 60 percent of the energy than standard models saving consumers over 200 kWh’s/year.

Finally, please visit the ENERGY Star website for valuable information of energy efficient household appliances. You’ll be glad you did!