Learn About Cold and Drafty Home Solutions

Learn How Drafty Home Solutions Improve Your Home Comfort in Winter

During the colder winter months, many homes remain uncomfortable and endure excessive heating costs. Learn about some drafty home solutions that help improve your home comfort. For example, the solutions examine and address the key contributing factors. As a result, homeowners understand why our homes experience comfort issues in the winter:

  1. Excessive air leakage – During winter, the air in homes is much warmer than outside air. This warm air in our homes rises up through the many unsealed holes between the house and the attic. Unfortunately, the warm air escapes outside. At the same time, cold air from outside then enters your home and replaces the lost warm air! This process of warm air from your house rising into the attic and then outside remains a major reason for cold, drafty homes.
  2. Insufficient insulation levels – Most homes lack proper insulation. As a result, the lack of insulation helps the heat escape your home. This obviously causes very uncomfortable conditions.
  3. Poor heating system distribution – Frequently, our homes waste heat provided by the furnace because leaks exist in the ductwork.
  4. Inefficient windows – Old single pane, leaky windows contribute towards living in an uncomfortable home.
  5. Low humidity levels – Homes with high air leakage rates typically contain very dry air in the wintertime causing uncomfortable conditions.
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