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During the hot summer months, many of our homes across America are hot and sticky. Additionally, hot and sticky homeowners rarely use window air conditioners or central air conditioning due to avoid excessive cooling costs. As a result, homeowners suffer from uncomfortable conditions. However, a closer look at the key contributing factors help homeowners understand this common problem and the practical solutions. Therefore, GreenHomes America shares some hot and sticky home solutions.

Air Exchange

First, homeowners must understand that houses lose more air to the outside than people realize. External air loss remains a continual, silent process that occurs every moment of every day all summer long. Plus, as homes lose cool air, an equal amount of hot, humid air from outside then enters your home. Yes, as cool air leaves, hot and humid air enters the house.Typically, this invisible process called air exchange creates one of the main contributing factors for hot, sticky homes.


In addition to the large amount of air escaping from your home during the summer, most homes do not have enough insulation to slow the heat that is outside of your home from entering through ceilings, walls and floors. This high rate of heat gain causes walls, floors and ceiling surfaces to heat up causing warm, uncomfortable conditions inside of your home.

Air Leaks

Another reason for hot, sticky homes in summer is some of the cool air from central air conditioners is often wasted before it can cool your home. Air leaks in ductwork can lose the cool air in your duct system to attics, crawl spaces or directly to the outside before it ever has a chance to cool your home. This cool air from your central air conditioner is expensive but it is often lost to the outside before it can cool the rooms of your house.

Leaky Windows

Older, leaky windows can also be a major contributing factor to poor comfort. For example, inefficient windows allow significant heat from the sun to overheat rooms in your home. This radiant heat gain through windows coupled with high humidity levels in the air of your home will cause hot, sticky comfort conditions in many homes during the summer.

Fortunately, homeowners can determine the underlying reasons for their uncomfortable conditions. As a result, the proper solutions can be identified that greatly improves comfort while saving energy costs!

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