Help Me Reduce My Hidden Electric Loads

Help Me Reduce Hidden Electric Loads

Homeowners across America often see their electric bills rise each month. Although we attempt conservation effort and consume electricity wisely, our bills keep climbing. As a result, homeowners give up and believe “that’s just how much electricity our house uses”. However, in reality, electric use can be reduced and electric bills can be made to go down instead of up.

Additionally, hidden electric loads are electric devices that create a significant impact on your electric bill that may surprise you. In some cases, hidden electric loads operate in the background, quietly consuming more electricity each month. Conversely, in other cases, hidden electric loads operate in plain sight, but homeowners lack the understanding of their costs. So, how do homeowners identify the hidden electric loads that make the greatest impact on our electric bills and optimize their use?

The Solution is as easy as 1, 2, 3

GreenHomes offers a simple and straightforward approach for reducing electric costs in your home. It all starts with GreenHomes helping you better understand the most common underlying causes of energy, comfort and health problems in homes and the corresponding solutions often used in the industry.

GreenHomes believes home energy projects are far more successful when the homeowners better understand the problems and possible solutions for their home. That is why we help you learn about the issues you would like to resolve in your home and then step you through a process to resolve those problems. At GHA, we believe it is easier for homeowners to plan home energy projects and then execute them to get long lasting results if you are more knowledgeable about the root causes of the problem and solutions successfully used in the industry. Let us show you how to:

  1. Learn about the GreenHomes Recommended Solution for Your Home
  2. Plan Your Project Carefully
  3. Execute Your Plan to Get Results