Plan Your Electric Bill Reduction Project

Plan Your Electric Bill Reduction Project Carefully

For homes with higher electric bills than desired, GreenHomes recommends a quality energy audit. For example, energy audits offer a simple path for understanding your electric bill reduction project. When done properly, an energy audit pinpoints the true sources of electrical waste in your home. The energy audit creates a roadmap or plan for creating a more energy efficient home.

Electric Bill Reduction Tips

Additionally, GreenHomes offers 10 tips for saving on your electric bill each month:

  1. Switch lights off when not in use. It is quite surprising how much electricity is wasted because a light or device was unintentionally left on.
  2. Replace standard and CFL light bulbs with LED lighting. LED lighting or light–emitting diodes offer the most efficient light bulbs on the market today.
  3. Install and use ENERGY Star labeled appliances including refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, dehumidifiers and air purifiers.
  4. Stop using old refrigerators and/or freezers in the basement or garage. These old devices remain extremely inefficient and cost much more than newer models.
  5. Televisions, computers, ceiling fans, etc. all consume electricity. Any time you are not using these devices, make sure they are turned off.
  6. High-efficiency heating and cooling systems saves electricity based on their high efficiency components.
  7. Conserving hot water use for homes with electric water heaters saves electricity.
  8. Electric space heaters and dehumidifiers are very expensive to use. Using these only when necessary saves substantially on electric costs.
  9. Insulating and air sealing your home saves significantly on furnace fan energy usage, electrical heating and air conditioning costs.
  10. Pool pumps, hot tubs and jacuzzis consume significant amounts of electricity. Variable speed pumps or smart controllers saves significant amounts of energy for homes with pools or spas.