Execute Your Mold Reduction Project

Execute Your Mold Reduction Project Plan

When resolving indoor air quality problems in your home, the first step remains selecting a contractor. Additionally, take steps that ensure you work with a certified and experienced contractor. Remediating issues and improving indoor air quality remains a challenging task, which require specific expertise. As a result, simply selecting a low-bid contractor isn’t the wisest decision. Learn how to execute a mold reduction project with these steps.

The Building Performance Institute (BPI) now offers professional certifications as “Healthy Home Evaluators”. These certified individuals are trained as both Building Analysts and Healthy Home Evaluators to help homeowners identify and improve existing health and safety problems in the home. Finally, visit BPI’s website for more information about Healthy Home Evaluators.

Also, the Environmental Protection Agency has an extremely comprehensive website on Indoor Air Quality Problems and Solutions. Be sure to visit their website!