Plan Your Water Heater Upgrade Project

Plan Your Water Heater Upgrade Project Carefully

For guidance selecting Energy Efficient Water Heaters, GreenHomes suggest reviewing ENERGY Star. The site contains useful information for any water heater upgrade projects. Also, the following list shares some efficiency recommendations for different types of water heaters:

  1. Storage Water Heaters – Industry experts recommend that gas-fired storage water heaters with 55 gallons of storage maintain an Energy Factor (EF) of .67 or greater. However, for larger water heaters with a storage capacity of 55 gallons or more, experts recommend an EF of .77 or greater.
  2. On-demand or Instantaneous Water Heaters – Experts recommend on-demand or instantaneous water heaters maintain an EF of .9 or greater. However, because on-demand water heaters do not contain a storage tank, there is no heat loss. Therefore, these tanks offer more efficiency.
  3. Heat Pump Water Heaters – Experts recommend heat pump water heaters with 55 gallons of storage or less maintain an EF of 2.0 or greater. But, for larger water heat pump heaters with a storage capacity of 55 gallons or more, experts recommend an EF of 2.2 or greater.
  4. Indirect Water Heaters – Indirect water heaters must connect with a boiler. Expert recommend connecting with a high-efficiency heating boiler with a minimum AFUE or 95%.
  5. Tankless Coil Water Heaters – Tankless coil water heaters are not efficient and are not recommended for use.
  6. Solar Water Heaters - Experts recommend solar water heaters maintain a Solar Energy Factor of 1.8 or greater when connected to an electric water heater. Conversely, experts recommend a SEF of 1.2 or greater when connected to a gas-fired water heater.

Finally, visit the ENERGY Star website for valuable information of energy efficient household appliances. You’ll be glad you did!