Fix the Cold Room Above your Garage

Plan How to Fix Cold Rooms Above Your Garage

GreenHomes America offers simple solutions for homes that include uncomfortable rooms. First, air seal all holes, gaps and penetrations in the floor, walls, attic and ductwork. Fortunately, spray foams, foam boards, house wraps, tapes, caulks and other sealants help reduce air gaps. Finally, air sealing ensures the warm air from your furnace stays in your home and not outside.

Second, floor insulation in the room over the garage requires complete filling of the floor cavity. In other words, the floor insulation needs to be in contact with the sub-flooring above it.

Third, insulation in the walls and attic require proper installation. Only proper installation maximizes the thickness allowable based on the construction details for your house.

Finally, heating and cooling loads require proper calculations that determine how much air from the furnace (or from a separate heating system) should be supplied to the space to maintain the desired temperature. The heating and cooling loads help an energy auditor or contractor provide proper recommendations. For example, based on the load calculation, a separate heating zone remains an option. Additionally, load calculations help offer the best methods of adding heat. This approach to rooms over garages results in a warm, comfortable space all winter long.

Home Energy Audits Help Address Cold Rooms

Since the solution to uncomfortable bonus rooms is somewhat complex, GreenHomes recommends getting a quality energy audit for your home. When done properly, an energy audit will pinpoint the true sources of comfort problems in your bonus room such as excessive air leaks. Finally, the energy audit offers a roadmap or plan for creating a more comfortable home that maintains even temperatures throughout the year.

Common Questions about Energy Audits by Homeowners:

Remember, a high-quality Home Energy Audit provides a critical step for determining your project for creating a more comfortable home. However, the energy audit by itself doesn’t improve the conditions of the home at all. Actually installing the prioritized recommendations lowers your heating and cooling costs. Finally, the recommendations mean a more comfortable home.