Learn How to Warm the Upstairs of Your Home

Cold Home Solutions to Improve the Comfort of My 2nd Floor

During the colder winter months, many homes contain colder temperatures upstairs than downstairs. While this seems strange since warm are rises, homes with colder rooms upstairs in winter remain relatively common. A closer look at why some homes contain colder temperatures upstairs in the wintertime helps homeowners better understand how to best resolve this irritating comfort problem once and for all. Find some cold home solutions that help improve your home comfort.

Homes with cold and uncomfortable upstairs in winter lose heat faster than the heating system and warm air rising from the first floor replaces it. Fortunately, simple solutions exist that improve your comfort on the second floor. First, homeowners must minimize as much heat loss from the upper floor of your home as possible. To accomplish this, identify and seal air leakage through holes, cracks and gaps. Second, after sealing ALL connections between your home and the attic, add insulation wherever possible. Although this sounds straightforward, comprehensive air sealing and then adding insulation remains challenging for homes with second story kneewalls and multiple attics. Only after air sealing and insulation have been installed should the heating supply to the second floor be increased as efficiently as possible.

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