Help Me Fix the Uneven Temperatures

Help Me Fix the Uneven Temperatures in Our Home

Many homes across the country contain uneven temperatures throughout their home. Some rooms are warmer than homeowners would like and some rooms are colder. In fact, the only spot in the home that is at the correct temperature seems to be next to the thermostat.

Several factors cause uneven temperatures around a house. For example, temperature variations are usually the result of a home’s excessive air leakage, poor insulation levels, high levels of solar radiation through large glass exposures, incorrectly sized ductwork or large amounts of duct leakage. Finally, any or all of these problems likely contribute towards the uneven temperatures within your home.

The Solution is as easy as 1, 2, 3

GreenHomes offers a simple approach that accomplishes multiple goals. First, our approach increasing the comfort of your home. Secondly, the same approach helps lowering your heating/cooling costs. Additionally, our approach raises the efficiency in your home, while eliminating any health or safety problems. It all starts with GreenHomes helping you better understand the most common underlying causes of energy, comfort and health problems in homes and the corresponding solutions often used in the industry.

GreenHomes believes home energy projects are far more successful when the homeowners better understand the problems and possible solutions for their home. That is why we help you learn about the issues you would like to resolve in your home and then step you through a process to resolve those problems. At GHA, we believe it is easier for homeowners to plan home energy projects and then execute them to get long lasting results if you are more knowledgeable about the root causes of the problem and solutions successfully used in the industry. Let us show you how to:

  1. Learn about the GreenHomes Recommended Solution for Your Home
  2. Plan Your Project Carefully
  3. Execute Your Plan to Get Results