A Quality Energy Audit is a Smart Place to Start Your Energy Saving Solutions

A Quality Energy Audit is a Smart Place to Start Your Energy Saving Solutions

Many existing homes have high heating and cooling costs. Therefore, these costs force occupants to use blankets in the winter and cooling fans in the summer. Yet, these efforts are a futile attempt to stay comfortable in their own home. However, your home does not need to be this way. GreenHomes America wants to help share how to jumpstart your energy saving solutions.

Start Your Energy Saving Solutions With An Energy Audit

A high-quality energy audit is the primary source of home energy saving solutions. An energy audit helps reduce your utility bills and improves your home comfort.


The audit works as a roadmap. You can create an energy efficient, comfortable and healthier home. At the same time, the activities outlined in the audit result in lower utility bills.


A proper energy audit pinpoints the sources of high energy consumption in your home. The energy assessment highlights comfort issues such as:

  • air leaks.
  • insufficient insulation.
  • excessive moisture.
  • defective ducts.
  • gas leaks.
  • ventilation.
  • inefficient lighting.
  • low efficiency appliances.

How Much Does an Energy Audit Cost?

tips to understand the value for the energy audit cost

The cost and quality of energy audits vary in the marketplace. For example, some energy assessments are called “walk-through” audits. So, these audits do not include measuring or diagnostic testing. As a result, they do not provide enough energy saving solutions.

Yet, other energy assessments are much more comprehensive in nature. Typically, a high quality energy audit includes diagnostic testing to better check your home. Make sure you find out what is included as part of the energy audit. Based on the extent of the audit, you can determine if it is worth the cost.

Common Energy Saving Solutions

Quality energy audits should include recommendations for improving your home comfort. An effective audit must include energy saving solutions!

For example, common solutions include air sealing and adding insulation. Also, common solutions note how to improve health and safety problems found in the home as well. The proposed solutions can be confusing. As a result, homeowners should discuss all recommendations with the energy auditor. Ask the auditor to explain the expected energy savings and installation costs of each recommendation.

To enjoy your energy saving solutions, work with your energy auditor. Together, you can select the solutions that will make an immediate impact. First, focus on the high priority recommendations, such as actions that will:

  • reduce your utility bills.
  • resolve your comfort problems.
  • eliminate any health or safety issues.

Also, ask the auditor if there are any financing programs. For example, many local companies offer low interest financing programs. In addition, there are many state and federal subsidies to offset the cost of energy efficient upgrades.

Remember, a quality energy audit will jumpstart your home energy solutions. So, remember to put the plan in action. Follow your plan and install your energy saving solutions. You will feel the difference in your home comfort and wallet each month!

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