What are the GreenHomes America Confidential Operating Manuals?

Learn about the GreenHomes America COMs

What are the GreenHomes America Confidential Operating Manuals?

Did you know GreenHomes America offers exclusive access to our proprietary confidential operating manuals (COMs), which is the GreenHomes America Playbook?

The GreenHomes America Playbook, which is derived from the COMS, detail all of the systems that are essential for you to start, add, and grow a successful home performance business. Additionally, the playbook and COMs provide comprehensive training materials and operating procedures for all aspects of home performance – marketing, home energy audits, sales, installation, operations, staffing, and more.

GreenHomes America Playbook Includes the following COMS:

  • Energy Audit Process Module - consists of a step by step guide on how to perform a Home Energy Audit. It consists of how to perform the tests, exactly what to say to the customer during each step of the process, and how to calculate all of the measurements that go along with an energy audit.
  • Sales Module - explains how to conduct efficient sales meetings, setting goals and targets, how to generate business leads when working in a home, and what to say when dealing with customers.
  • Office Process Module - shares critical operational elements, such as how to collect payments at the end of completed work, creating service orders, and how to monitor sales, orders, and production targets to achieve your revenue goals.
  • Marketing Module - explains the necessary steps for creating effective direct mailings, show and fair strategies, social media tips, and guided marketing campaigns.
  • Production and Safety Module - provides a comprehensive tool, with detailed safety procedures, as well as complete instructions on how to air seal and insulate all areas of a home. This comprehensive document includes dozens of forms, reference guides, and checklists for your staff to follow.
  • Personnel Module - describes the roles and functions of each of the positions in your business, including performance review forms.

Finally, GHA offers a Professional Business Development and Consulting Services Module, which is available on request.

If you would like to learn more about how our systems can help you start, streamline and grow your business, contact us today at info@greenhomesamerica.com.

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