Grow Your Residential Contracting Business

Grow Your Residential Contracting Business

Growing Your Residential Contracting Business with GreenHomes America is Easier (and Greener) than You Think!

Do you own an HVAC, Windows, Insulation or Solar Residential Contracting business? Are you struggling to find the customer base to keep your business profitable? Do you complete professional, high-quality work but find getting enough referrals and new business to grow your business is extremely difficult? Is advertising too expensive and a strain on your budget?

Many contractors are finding a new, fresh approach to attracting homeowners in order to grow their business. The approach is simple, inexpensive and can be implemented quickly. The new approach contractors are using to grow their business is joining the GreenHomes America (GHA) Quality Contractor Network.

The GHA Quality Contractor Network is a select group of skilled contractors and energy professionals that can aid homeowners with quality energy efficiency improvements for their home. From heating/cooling system upgrades to high-efficiency window replacements to insulation improvements to solar installations, contractors are pleased to find out how the GHA Quality Contractor Network can help their business.

See some features and benefits below.

  • Benefits
  • Low Monthly Membership Cost Participation
  • Exclusive Zip Code Territory
  • Confidential Business Systems
  • Training
  • BPI & CEU Training
  • GreenHomes Website
  • Contractor Page
  • Live Google Reviews on Contractor Page
  • Customer Form Fill Directed to Email
  • Dedicated Phone Number
  • Listing Services
  • Google My Business Listing
  • Investment in Website Content & Social Media
  • Link From Contractor Page to Your Website
  • Use of Intellectual Property
  • Use of Trade Marked Materials

GreenHomes America continues to be the single most trusted source of unbiased energy efficiency information on the market. The information we gladly provide to homeowners on our website at no cost improves the livability of homes. Plus, GHA is nationally recognized as being technically accurate, impartial and straightforward.

If you feel your business meets GHA’s quality contractor standards for providing professionally installed energy improvements for homeowners, visit our growing and expanding website and take a look around. You will notice each page of our website is designed to accomplish two simple things:

  • Educate homeowners about the problems and offer solutions in their home such as comfort, energy usage and more!
  • Help homeowners select quality contractors from our GHA network to professional install and implement the solutions.

GreenHomes America is currently accepting new applicants to our quality contractor network. Inquire below to see if your exclusive or non-exclusive zip codes are currently available in your area. Simply complete the form below and we will be sure to contact you soon.

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