GreenHomes America Home Educational Videos

GreenHomes America Home Educational Videos

Home Energy Audit

Why get an energy audit?

The GreenHomes America Comprehensive 26 Pt. Home Energy Audit Report pinpoints sources of high energy consumption. Additionally, our audit report provides details on and health and comfort issues. For example, our audit reviews potential air leaks, insufficient insulation, moisture, defective ducts, gas leaks, ventilation and inefficient lighting and appliances. As a result, homeowners receive a comprehensive home energy audit designed to accurately diagnose all comfort and energy issues in your house. Plus, as experts in building science, GreenHomes America provides highly trained and certified Comfort Advisors that thoroughly inspect, test safety check and evaluate all the components of your home. As GHA, we treat and inspect your home as a completely integrated system, instead of just four walls and appliances.

What to Expect From A GreenHomes America Home Energy Audit?

From dramatically reducing your utility bills to ensuring your home is healthy and safe, a GreenHomes Comprehensive Home Energy Audit reveals the smarter way to prioritize your home energy upgrades. Although many contractors offer audits, homeowners should understand the importance of a comprehensive audit that is accurate and actionable.

  • What is Air Sealing?

Air sealing, often missed by the homeowner, can drastically improve the comfort and energy efficiency in your home. As a result, your local GreenHomes America contractor can help you determine how to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. For example, air leakage robs your home of air that you've paid to heat and cool. Plus, leakage in the attic is usually the most critical and has the biggest impact. Therefore, using the right tools and a good visual inspection, you can find and seal these leaks.

  • Attic Air Sealing

  • Air Sealing Recessed Can Lighting

Optimizing Your Home for Energy Efficiency

The GreenHomes America home energy audit enables homeowners to understand their home, which enables you to optimize your home for energy efficiency. For example, an energy efficient home will help reduce energy usages that benefits the environment and your wallet!

  • Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting can be a great design feature. However, most recessed lighting represents a weak link in the energy-efficiency and comfort performance of a home. For example, air-leakage may occur, which robs the home of heated or cooled air. Plus, inefficient lamps may cause an issue. Fortunately, there are solutions!

  • Making Sense of Replacement Windows

On average, homes lose about 20 percent of their heat through windows and doors. Plus, in hot climates, windows can be responsible for most of the heat gain during warmer months. However, homeowners can increase their comfort, energy efficiency and provide a fresh new look when replacement windows make sense.

  • Solar Hot Water

Solar water heating can help you reduce your need for gas or electricity. Therefore, solar hot water systems offer a low-cost entry point into renewable energy. Plus, many locations offer a variety of incentives, which makes solar hot water systems even more affordable!

  • Solar PV

As the world focuses more and more on global warming and carbon emissions, many homeowners wonder how to do their part to help. Fortunately, energy efficient home improvements provide multiple options. For example, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems offer another step that is gaining popularity.

Why GreenHomes?

Interested in learning more about how a GreenHomes America energy audit can help you? Don't just take our word for it. Homeowners, just like you, that have worked with GreenHomes America share their experiences!

  • Customer Testimonial – 35% Savings

How the Murphys' home energy makeover (insulation, windows, furnace and solar hot water system) helped the family decrease their energy expenses by up to 35%. For example, these upgrades allowed the drafts around the windows to be eliminated. Plus, the family never runs out of hot water, along with providing more comfortable bedrooms upstairs. As a result, the Murphy family saved 250 total therms along with a 35% overall total energy reduction!

  • Customer Testimonial - Home Energy Makeover

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