Bug Off! Keep Pests Out in the Summertime

Bug Off! Keep Pests Out in the Summertime

Ah, summertime! Feel the warm breeze. Open up the windows and doors and let the air (and pests!) inside. Pest invasions are very common during the summer months not only because our windows and doors are open more, but also because pests breed and multiply like crazy. Increase your home's defenses against pests with these tips:

Store Food Securely 

When bugs smell a home cooked meal - they'll try to come dine. Keep food stored in sealed containers and in the fridge instead of under plastic wrap on the counter. Also, try not to leave pet food out all day and make sure to clean up any crumbs your pet may leave behind. 

Trim Your Trees

Any trees, shrubs or branches that are touching your house are instant bridges for pests to enter your home. Trim back or consider removing anything that grows too closely to your house. If you have piles of firewood, make sure you store those at least 20 feet away from the house and 5 inches off the ground. 

Tidy Up Your Yard

Remove standing leaves, piles of grass clippings, or sticks from around the exterior of your home. These areas are perfect for spiders and other creatures to move right in. If their leaf pile is close enough to the side of your house - they are likely to make their way inside. Move garbage bins away from the side of your home and make sure that the lids are secured. Schedule weekly pickups to keep too much garbage from accumulating and attracting pests. Finally, standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Buckets, furniture or grill covers, tops of deck boxes or rainwater that is not properly draining away from the house can all make your pest population explode. 

Air Sealing - Not Just For Winter!

Air sealing - which is closing up all the gaps, cracks and holes around your living space - is not just for the wintertime. It will help keep your cool, conditioned air from leaking to the outside during the summertime. It will also close up those teeny tiny spaces that spiders, bugs, and mice use to creep  into your house. Not only will air sealing make your home more energy efficient in any season, it will keep out the creepy crawlies all year long as well! Learn more about air sealing and reducing cooling bills.

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