Need CEUs? Its Never Been So Easy!

Worried About CEUs?

Need CEUs? Its Never Been So Easy!

Welcome to GreenHomes America (GHA) Online Learning. Your trusted center for BPI approved training courses.

  • Are you BPI Certified?
  • Do you need to earn CEUs to maintain your certification? 
  • Are you always rushing to squeeze yourself into last minute classes?
  • Do you struggle searching for webinars to earn CEUs before your certification expires?

Well, you are in luck because the solution is simple. GreenHomes America provides you with access to our online learning portal.

Learn about GreenHomes America Online CEU Training

Why Earn CEUs with GreenHomes America?

For many of you, classroom training remains expensive and time consuming! Conversely, most services that offer webinars are only available on certain days and times. This makes it difficult to fit into busy schedules.

The GreenHomes America Online Learning portal fixes these common problems with obtaining BPI CEUs.

With 24/7 access to our catalog of training courses, you can earn your required CEUs from anywhere, at your own pace and at any time. Its perfect for in between projects and appointments, or to fill in down time and you can always pick up where you left off.

Simply sign up and choose your course. Once the course is complete, our administrators will notify BPI of any earned CEUs on your behalf. 

Plus, if your company is part of the GreenHomes America Network, your entire team receives our entire catalog of training courses, at no charge. 

For more information, check out our Online Learning Portal.

Plus, click on the link to view a quick video tutorial on how to work the GreenHomes America Online Learning Portal.

Why wait? Get a head start on your CEUs today! Sign up for FREE at

More About the GreenHomes America Contactor Network?

The GHA Contractor Network is a select group of skilled contractors and energy professionals that aid homeowners with quality energy efficiency improvements for their home. From heating/cooling system upgrades to high-efficiency window replacements to insulation improvements to solar installations, contractors are pleased to find out how the GHA Contractor Network can help their business.

Additionally, the GHA Contractor Network believes in win-win offers. We grow through supporting our member contractors. And we keep our member contractors happy by offering services that help them improve their business.

Increasingly, homeowners rely more and more on online searches to find goods and services. At GHA, we understand the power of internet marketing and leverage our individual sites for the benefit of the network. For the monthly cost of a couple good leads, GHA listed contractors receive industry leading online marketing support that is simply not offered elsewhere.

Why Should You Become a GHA Listed Contractor?

First and foremost, the network only includes qualified contractors and energy professionals. The selective network ensures that every member strengthens the overall community. Plus, GHA offers personalized benefits to every member.

Why join the GreenHomes America Network? Learn more here!

Do you feel your business meets GHA’s quality contractor standards for providing professionally installed energy improvements for homeowners?

If so, then GreenHomes America is currently accepting new applicants to our quality contractor network. Inquire below to see if your exclusive or non-exclusive zip codes are currently available in your area. Simply complete the form below and we will be sure to contact you soon.

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