3 Reasons Why a Springtime AC Tune-Up Is Essential

3 Reasons Why a Springtime AC Tune-Up Is Essential

Spring is finally here! Although April 2020 seemed like the longest and coldest month in history, warmer weather is on its way. With rising temperatures, homeowners are going to be turning on their AC units without any type of maintenance, inspection, or cleaning. This can cause your unit to run less efficiently or even cause damage - costing you more money in the long term. Here are 3 reasons why a Springtime Tune-Up is essential:

You'll Have a More Energy Efficient Unit

Your air conditioner, just like a vacuum or other appliance, gets dirty over time. A dirty air conditioning unit will not work as well to keep your home cool. Or it may have to work harder and harder to provide the same amount of cool air than it did before. This not only puts wear and tear on your system, it can increase your energy bills as well. A thorough AC tune-up can keep your unit working as efficiently as possible.

Your Air Conditioner May Last Longer

Regular maintenance to your air conditioned can prolong its lifespan. The cost of regular maintenance can be significantly less than a large-scale repair or an entire unit replacement. During an AC tune-up, your HVAC technician will likely clean and check the unit for any repair needs and can catch a problem before it becomes a disaster. For example, finding and repairing a small leak may prevent a major unit breakdown.

Avoid Summertime Emergencies

There is not much worse than your AC unit breaking down on a weekend in the middle of the summer. Emergency repairs may be costly and you also may have to wait for repair because of increased demand in the summer. By scheduling a springtime tune-up, you can avoid the stress of a potential breakdown in the summer. Scheduling an AC tune-up means knowing that your AC is clean, inspected, and running at peak efficiency and can give you peace of mind all summer long. 

"Who should I call to service my air conditioning unit?"

When it comes to choosing a company to service and tune-up your AC, you'll want someone who will not only look at your HVAC system, but your whole home. Did you know that when it comes to HVAC systems, BIGGER isn't always BETTER? Before you let some company tell you that you need a bigger unit, it is good to know that if a unit is too large for your home, you will pay more up front and also not get the comfort or efficiency you desire.

Over-sized equipment will cycle on and off very frequently which does not allow the unit to reach efficient operation. It also does not allow the unit to remove enough humidity from the air which causes comfort and possibly moisture problems. Other energy-saving factors such as improvements in insulation and air sealing can allow for a smaller-sized unit, which may actually be the right-sized unit for your home.

GreenHomes America contractors offer extensive tune up services and valuable maintenance plans, saving you time, money, and give you peace of mind. Create maximum efficiency in your home by calling the experts at GreenHomes America! We've improved the efficiency and comfort levels in thousands of homes across the U.S!

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