Tips for Fall Home Maintenance

time tested tips for fall home maintenance

Tips for Fall Home Maintenance

For many of us, unfortunately, fall is around the corner. As homeowners, every season means new checklists and home maintenance activities. At GreenHomes America, we believe in home comfort and liveability. From raking leaves and prepping for winter, the general tips for fall help provide comfort and stability. However, as the seasons change, there is an opportunity to add lasting value to your home.

Are there rooms in your home that are uncomfortable (or you are unable to use) during the winter?

Do you worry about energy bills every season?

Not sure if your home can be fixed?

At GHA, we are committed to helping you understand your home. We believe the more you understand your home, the better quality of life for you and your family.

And at the core of this belief is a home energy audit.

Home Energy Audits Prep Your Home For Every Season

Quality energy audits provide homeowners detailed information and clear recommendations about how to resolve existing problems in their home.

For example, if a homeowner would like to lower their energy bills, the home energy audit process provides a prioritized list of recommendations to lower utility bills.

If a home has very cold or hot rooms, the energy audit details specific actions to reduce the temperature swings in those rooms.

Plus, home energy audits identify any health and safety concerns. Frequently, things such as moisture issues, mold, asbestos or carbon monoxide levels. During the energy audit, these concerns are routinely uncovered in attics, crawl spaces, basements or bathrooms.

Why does fall make sense for an energy audit?

Any time is a great time for an energy audit. In the fall, any issues can be fixed before winter. For example, if you have a drafty bedroom, then insulation can be added now. When the temperature drops, then you can reduce your heating bill because the bedroom will retain more heat.

During the energy audit process, homeowners should inform the auditor about their specific problems. The auditor provides prioritized recommendations to resolve those problems. A quality auditor will even provide a cost benefit analysis and provide information on local incentive programs from your utility company!

7 Time-Tested Tips for Fall Home Maintenance

Beyond an energy audit, there are routine fall home maintenance tips that help keep your home in great shape all season long. Check out this overview of the standard tips for fall home maintenance from Danny Lipford and the team at Today’s Homeowner.

Remove Debris From Gutters 

Checking and cleaning the gutters in the fall is one of the most important home maintenance activities. If eaves are clogged with leaves, twigs, and other junk heading into the winter, then you may experience ice dams and backups.

Inspect Your Deck 

Basically, the inspection should confirm that the sealant is in good shape, which will prevent warping during the winter. Conduct an inspection that looks at the durability of any stain or peeling paint, along any cracked caulk.

Clean Chimney (& Fireplace)

Cleaning the fireplace helps keep your family safe during the winter by providing an additional heat source (if needed) during any potential winter storms. Plus, chimney debris can easily cause house fires so it is important to keep the fireplace clean.

Winterize Outdoor Water Sources 

As we all know, water left in the pipes will freeze during the winter and possibly require expensive repairs in the spring. During the fall, prep your outdoor water sources for winter. Insulate (or wrap) exposed pipes inside or outside your home. Store hoses in a dry location (inside your home) and be sure to turn off outdoor water sources.

Prep Yard for Winter 

As odd as it may sound, now is the time to ensure green grass next spring. Rake and shred (as applicable to local guidelines) leaves to use as mulch. Cut back perennials and mulch around the roots to keep your lawn in great shape for the spring.

Seal Gaps in Driveway 

Take some time during the fall to clean, clear and seal any cracks in the driveway (or any other walkways). Clearing out any debris in the cracks and covering with a driveway filler can extend the life of your driveway. Plus, double check any holes or entries to crawl spaces, attics, or chimneys to ensure small critters do not spend the winter in your home.

Caulk Your Windows 

Caulk is useful to close gaps around the house. Inspect the outside of your home looking for any gaps near chimneys, siding, eaves, gable moldings, window sills and sashes, door frames and inside corners formed by the siding. In the interior of your home looking for pipes, wires, vents, duct vents, outlets and switch plates on outside walls and protruding through your attic floor.

At GHA, we believe people should enjoy their entire home. Proper home maintenance is vital to home comfort. After all, nobody wants to come home to an eyesore. In addition to the standard tips for fall maintenance, consider long term solutions to improve your home enjoyment as well!
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