GreenHomes America helps homeowners enjoy their homes!

You spend a lot of money on your home and you deserve for your family to be comfortable, safe, and healthy in it all year long.

If yours is like most homes in the U.S., it has inherent construction shortfalls that cause common comfort and energy efficiency problems including hot and cold spots, drafts, moisture and humidity, poor air quality, and excessive dust.

GreenHomes America offers residential home performance solutions that increase in-home comfort, health, and safety and significantly reduce energy usage and utility bills. We apply building science principles and sophisticated diagnostic equipment to quickly pinpoint causes of common problems and prescribe cost-effective solutions that resolve them permanently.

What sets GreenHomes apart from the many other residential building contractors is its innovative use of an integrated, whole-house approach to home performance and energy efficiency. Our unique Home Performance methodology allows GreenHomes to go beyond the usual HVAC and specialty contractor guesswork and quickly and accurately solve a home’s comfort and energy efficiency issues.

Beyond the principles of Home Performance, GreenHomes business model also employs a unique business methodology built on strict adherence to quality, process, technology, education, and standards. This exclusive methodology allows GreenHomes to raise the bar on service delivery for the entire industry by consistently providing high quality service to every customer every time.

Delivering Optimized Energy Savings and Comfort

The result of GreenHomes solutions is an optimal in-home environment that typically reduces energy by 25% to 60% or more! Other benefits include:

    • A safer, more comfortable, and draft-free home
    • Enhanced indoor air quality
    • Improved home durability and reduced maintenance costs
    • Increased resale value

What’s more, each home that implements a GreenHomes project helps keep 200 tons of carbon dioxide a year out of the atmosphere (that’s the same as planting 125 trees)!

    Join over 10,000 families that have experienced our award-winning solutions and have improved the comfort and energy savings of their homes.

      GreenHomes participates in Home Performance with ENERGY STAR and is accredited by the Building Performance Institute.