Home Energy Audit Guarantee

Our Home Energy Audits will reduce your heating and cooling energy consumption!

At GreenHomes America, we’re so confident our whole-home solutions and comprehensive approach will increase your comfort and save you money; we guarantee our results!

In fact, if we don't reduce your heating and cooling energy consumption by at least 25 percent, we will pay you double the difference when compared to your previous year's heating and cooling energy usage*. So either way, you save on your utility bills. And, while we offer a guarantee of at least 25 percent savings, many GreenHomes customers experience much higher utility reductions - as high as 40, 50, and 60 percent!

We also promise to work quickly — typically we are in and out in a day or two. We perform and coordinate all the construction, with minimal disruption to your daily household routine.

And, all GreenHomes employees pass drug tests and criminal background checks.

The GreenHomes crews are always professional, polite, friendly, and knowledgeable so you feel comfortable with us in your home. What’s more, crews remove all tools and equipment, wipe down surfaces and floors, and vacuum before they leave each night to ensure your home remains as clean and safe as possible during the construction period.

GreenHomes offers a complete suite of iron-clad guarantees including client assurance, total comfort, energy savings, no guesswork, and property protection.

* For more information on the applicability of the 25% Heating and Cooling Energy Use Guarantee in your area, please call 860-793-4297 to be referred to your nearest GreenHomes America location.