Exhaust & Bath Fans

An Essential Part Of Indoor Air Quality

Adding or replacing bathroom or kitchen exhaust fans that remove contaminants and dump them outside is key!

Ventilation, whether mechanical or natural like opening your windows, brings in outdoor air and reduces the concentrations of indoor pollutants.

Bath fans are essential to the well-being of any bathroom. Bath fans provide ventilation and help to clear the room of steam and odors. This prevents the growth of mold and mildew by removing potential problems before they invite themselves into your home.

Unsure if your bath fan is working properly? Turn on the fan and hold a tissue up to it. If it falls to the ground, the bath fan needs to be replaced.

Do you know where your bath fans are being vented? Many builders and do-it-your-selfers simply let bathroom exhaust fans blow air directly into the attic space. Not only will gravity pull the air you just vented back into your home but the moisture in the vented air can create attic mold and wood rot in the roof framing and roof sheathing. Exhaust fans should always be vented to the outside so make sure this is done whether or not you are replacing your bath fan.