Wall Insulation

Many Homes Have No Wall Insulation!

Prior to energy codes, builders rarely put insulation in the walls. When they did, the insulation was partially filled.

The results are comfort issues, higher utility bills, and you'll hear more outside noises inside your home.

Most people don't realize that insulation can be added to the walls of their home. Typically, we fill the wall cavities with insulation from the outside of the home. Small pieces of siding are removed, holes are drilled and then the wall cavities are dense-packed with cellulose or fiberglass insulation. This process can also be performed on stucco and other exterior materials. When complete, the holes are plugged and the siding re-installed. The blown in cellulose compacts tightly around wires, plumbing, and other penetrations providing an airtight insulating blanket with a slightly elevated R-value approaching R-4 per inch. This process can also be performed from inside the home if desired. All this is completed in aday or two.

Advantages of having your walls dense-packed with insulation include:

  • Dramatically reduce drafts in the winter.
  • Cooler rooms in the summer, particularly those facing west that receive intense sunshine.
  • Quieter home – far less noise penetrates the walls.
  • Lower utility bills – your heating and cooling equipment will run less often.
  • In the event of a fire, cellulose insulation will slow the fire advancement.

GreenHomes will also recommend the best type of insulation for your home – typically either recycled cellulose or spray foam. Both these materials are environmentally friendly and help you contribute to a greener planet.

Some of the advantages cellulose insulation typically has over other materials include:

  • It is made of 80% post-consumer recycled newsprint so it is "green".
  • The fiber is chemically treated with non-toxic borate compounds to resist fire, insects and mold.
  • It has a better resistance to air convection due to its higher density.

More important than the type of insulation you use is how it is installed.Ensure your insulation project is done correctly by calling the experts at GreenHomes America! We've improved the wall insulation in thousands of homes across the U.S.

Testimonial Quote:

I would like to commend the workers who insulated my home last week.

Although I could not tell you their individual names, I can speak to you of their professionalism and thoroughness. These men were very, very competent during the process of insulating, making sure that the dense pack penetrated throughout the walls. When there was some type of blockage, they took the time and energy to correct the problem. I was also quite impressed with the clean-up inside as well as outside of my home. They also finished the insulation in a timely manner.

Tricia Skripnik