What is Energy Efficiency?

what is energy efficiency

What is Energy Efficiency?

What is energy efficiency?

We hear the term energy efficient, but what does it mean and how does it impact my home?

Essentially, energy efficiency means designing products that minimize waste. As a homeowner, then energy efficiency means home design that incorporates a whole-house approach. Energy efficiency matters because inefficient homes produce waste. Not only is energy wasted, which negatively impacts the environment, but money is wasted.

If you are curious about your home efficiency, then take a Home Energy Score. The questionnaire provides a rating of your home's current efficiency. Plus, you’ll receive a list of improvements and potential savings.

At GreenHomes America we preach the benefits of a home energy audit because the results shine a light on energy efficient upgrades. An energy audit provides tangible results that have an immediate impact on your home and finances. For example, a home audit reviews your entire home and prioritizes any improvements that will increase your home efficiency.

  • Appliances and home electronics
  • Insulation and air sealing
  • Lighting and daylighting
  • Space heating and cooling
  • Water heating Windows, doors, and skylights 

Why work towards energy efficiency in your home?

Energy efficiency enables homeowners to do more while using less energy. An efficient home is more than replacing light bulbs (although this is a quick win). An energy efficient home contributes to the following:

  • saves consumers and businesses money.
  • drives innovation and productivity.
  • reduces dependence on imported oil. 

Plus, an efficient home improves your home comfort. An energy audit shows how to fix those drafty doors, windows and rooms. An audit shows the ROI that insulation will yield compared to new windows.

What is energy efficiency? A win-win for you and the environment.

Whether you are looking to upgrade windows in your home, replace a furnace or add insulation, homeowners trust GreenHomes America to help them improve the comfort, livability, air quality, safety, durability and energy efficiency of their homes.

At GreenHomes America our passion is to truly improve homes across America. We strive to help homeowners understand the proper steps to successfully accomplish their home improvement projects.

National Energy Awareness Month

what is energy efficiency? energy awareness month teaches us

October is National Energy Awareness Month, aimed at promoting the importance of energy for our sustainability and environmental well-being. In September 1991, President George Bush declared energy awareness month to raise awareness of the importance of sustainably managing the nation’s energy resources.

Energy awareness month is about action. As October typically means a shift towards fall and colder temperatures, this annual reminder about simple ways to improve your energy efficiency at home.

“During the fall, cold temperatures cause electricity bills to increase due to continuous use of heating systems, which account for 42 percent of residential energy use. It can be tempting to turn up the heat as temperatures drop, but consumption can be minimized by ensuring HVAC systems are properly maintained. Dirty filters can slow air flow, making the system work harder, wasting more energy. Air leaks and improper insulation can be another major source of heat loss.”

Fall Energy Efficiency Tips

First and foremost, an energy audit is a great first step to increasing energy efficiency at home.


  • Save up to 30% on utility bills by analyzing home energy consumption and implementing upgrades.
  • Stop air leaks around walls, ceilings, windows, doors, fixtures, light switches and electrical outlets to save 20% on heating bills.
  • Install a programmable thermostat and save an additional 10%. 

For more fall home maintenance, then there are some standard preventative tips.

  • Remove debris from gutters to avoid ice dams and other backups.
  • Inspect your deck to avoid warping in the winter.
  • Clean your chimney and/or fireplace to keep your family safe.
  • Winterize outdoor water sources to avoid costly repairs in the spring.
  • Caulk windows to reduce air leaks in your home.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Actions

energy efficiency tips

If you are looking to engage in Energy Awareness Month, then check out the programs offered by your local utility company. Frequently, there are incentive and rebates to make energy efficient upgrades in your home.

Secondly, if have a child, then consider teaching them about the importance of energy efficiency. They may ask what is energy efficiency as well? Now, you have the answer and can find some activities to learn more. For example, here are some projects from the National Energy Education Development project.

  • Teach and read about energy with NEED’s Energy Booklist, which provides related non-fiction and fiction literature for students.
  • Build an energy house with children to conceptualize insulation, conservation and diminishing returns.
  • Investigate the use of appliances and machines through a data-driven investigative unit. Plug Loads allows students to look closely at how pluggable devices are used and how they can affect the bill.
  • Learn how energy is used in your home and how to make informed choices with these these energy efficiency tools to teach energy cost reduction at home and at school: Primary Student Surveys and Student school and home energy surveys

What is Energy Efficiency and Why Work with GreenHomes America?

Energy efficiency is about more than protecting the environment or even lower energy bills. Yes, working towards improving your home efficiency helps accomplish both goals. But energy efficiency is really about home comfort.

  • Do you always wear a sweater in a the living room?
  • Does your child always complain about the temperature in their room?
  • Do you toss and turn when you sleep? 

An energy audit improves home comfort by understanding how air flows through your home. As a result, air quality impacts most of the uncomfortable things in your home. By fixing those items, you’ll enjoy a happy, healthy home.

So why work with GreenHomes America?

Simply put, GHA is the most trusted source of unbiased energy efficiency information. Homeowners turn to us when improving or upgrading their home. The information we gladly provide to homeowners improves the livability of homes and is nationally recognized as being technically accurate, impartial and straightforward.

GreenHomes is proud to say that our commitment to improving homes “the right way” has resulted in tens of thousands of homes across America that now save homeowners thousands of dollars in utility costs each year.

So, in our journey to serve the public, we hope you begin by first exploring our website to learn more about our unique home energy improvement process. You will be glad you did!

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