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GreenHomes America, Learning Center

A Homeowners Guide to Energy Efficiency, Comfort and Health/Safety Information for Their Home!

The GreenHomes America (GHA) Learning Center is an unbiased source of energy efficiency information to help homeowners increase the energy efficiency, comfort and health/safety of their home. This library of information is designed to help homeowners better understand the critical installation and prioritization steps necessary when installing:

  • Insulation & Air Sealing improvements
  • Window replacements
  • Heating and Cooling System upgrades
  • Lighting efficiency improvements
  • Mechanical Ventilation Systems
  • Indoor Air Quality improvements
  • Renewable technologies

The Learning Center is a growing and ever changing assortment of energy efficient technologies and procedures, comfort improvement techniques and health/safety information to help homeowners find impartial recommendations to improve their home

We believe the unbiased energy efficiency information we provide helps homeowners better understand the key aspects of a quality installation so they are better equipped to ask important questions of contractors and verify the work to be done will be done right.

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